“Come Pop-Up at the Boulevard Mall”

Looking to grow your business? Wondering if opening up a store front is the next right move for you?  Looking to earn a little extra money this holiday season with your online store?  This is the perfect opportunity for you to temporarily POP- UP with us!

What is a Pop-Up:

It is a temporary spot located in our mall that allows an artisan or small business to sell or display their business items or bring awareness to their business as a whole without a long term commitment.

Pop-Up Options:

We have a wide range of time periods for rent from as little as 1 day to as many as the whole Holiday season or longer! There are also many different spaces available from as small as a kiosk located directly in the center aisles of the mall, to smaller store fronts as small as 500sqft to larger store fronts 2,000sqft+.

Contact us to learn more about our Pop-Up leasing to learn what’s possible for your business today!

(716) 836-1411