How to Find Your Style

Posted: December 28, 2018


We all want to be one of those women. You know which ones. They exude style and confidence, and always look 100% themselves. Their outfits aren’t carbon copies of any other look you’ve seen, and it’s as if their clothes were tailor made for them (hint: they probably were).

But here’s the thing: in order to be like one of those women, you can’t be like one of those women. You can’t try to emulate them, because the way they look so put together is by being true to their unique, inner style. In order to be able to do the same, you need to figure out what you’re style is. Here’s how to do it:

Figure Out What Your Style Isn’t
The best way to find out what you like is to determine what you don’t. Are there any particular pieces of clothing you don’t like? Are there colors you know don’t match your skin tone? What about trends that you just can’t get on board with? Think about what you don’t like and why, and this will help point you in the direction of what you do want to wear.

Think About How You Want to Feel
Clothes are directly tied into the image we present both to ourselves and the outside world. This image translates into how we feel about ourselves. Think about how you want to feel in the clothes you wear. Do you want to feel like a powerful business woman? What about a straight A student? Are you more of a soccer mom, or a rocker chick? Take some time, close your eyes, and imagine the feeling you want to have. Then find the clothes that match that feeling.

Look at Designers That Match Your Personality
After you’ve identified how you want to feel, you’ll have a better idea of the clothes that suit you. Take a look at some designer brands to see if you can pinpoint which ones seem to match that feeling. You don’t have to buy anything designer, of course, but fashion starts on the runway and you’ll likely find similar pieces for a lot cheaper at department stores. Many designers have their own iconic look, so see if you can find one that speaks your style language.

Allow Yourself to be Flexible
Fashion should always be flexible. Don’t tie yourself down to one type of style if you feel drawn to multiple. Maybe one day you want to look like a CEO, and the next you’re feeling more boho-chic. That’s totally fine! Style is all about you as an individual, and as an individual your likes and dislikes are fluid. Allow your wardrobe to be fluid, too.

Style is very personal, and to figure out yours, you have to figure out about yourself first and foremost. So rather than copying the runway looks, get out there and see if you can find the clothes that were made for you! Who knows, you might just learn something about yourself along the way.